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Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. strives to be a point of contact between the charitable instincts of thousands of selfless humanitarian individuals and families, and organizations, and the needs of some of society’s most troubled youth.

Virtually all of the agency’s residence, fitness and wellness, recreational facilities, and other structures and capital improvements have been provided through the gifts of private benefactors. The agency owes a great deal to these generous individuals.

Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. is a private, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. is tax deductible, though restrictions sometimes apply. Please consult your tax advisor for specific information as to your personal situation.

Our long-term goal is to have a community center and to provide scholarships for our boys that are serious about their education.

We gladly accept donations pertaining to monetary, vehicles, laptops for boys, memorial outings, trips, and educational scholarships for college.

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Other Planned Gifts

Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. welcomes planned gifts in a variety of forms. Some of the instruments listed below require legal/contractual documentation to become established. As a service to the donor, Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. will draw up proposed initial documentation for a deferred gift. Donors should consult their own qualified financial planner or attorney before consummating a charitable gift.

  •  Life Income Plans

  • Life Estate Agreements

  • Gift Annuities

  • Gift of Life Insurance

  • Deferred Payment Gift Annuity

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Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc.’s tradition of excellence has relied greatly on friends who have provided for its programs in their wills. Whether you wish to memorialize a loved one, provide financial support for qualified students, or underwrite a specific program, a bequest is one of the easiest ways to make a planned gift for the future.

Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. may be designated as a beneficiary either by rewriting your will or trust, by the addition of a codicil to your existing will, or by an amendment to your existing trust.

Unless otherwise specified by the donor, all bequests received by Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. are placed within its Endowment Fund. There, they will help to enhance the agency’s programs for youth, in perpetuity

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Monetary Donations

Monetary gifts and equivalents are the gift of choice for most donors. Checks and currency are all convenient ways to provide support.

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Real Estate

Gifts of real estate offer similar tax advantages as gifts of stock. If the property has been owned for more than one year, you may be able to deduct as a charitable contribution the fair market value of the real estate, while avoiding capital gains taxes. Other rules apply for properties held less than one year.

Personal Property

Though often overlooked, in-kind gifts of tangible personal property (such as artwork, furniture (Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. cannot accept Used Mattresses & Box Springs), sports equipment, automobiles, etc.) are an excellent way to help support Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc.

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