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Therapeutic Services


Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP)

Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program provides 24-hours care and supervision to adolescent males ages 14-21. Youth are placed for a variety of reasons including those resulting from a history of trauma, abuse, and neglect. Guiding Light seeks to provide a safe and therapeutic family-like environment for abused, abandoned, and/or neglected boys adolescent males. The program services youth who require intensive therapeutic treatment, support, and guidance prior to returning home or to a lower level of care.

Recognized by counties and courts for our ability to proactively carry out programs that transform lives, Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program employs innovative intervention techniques that focus on progress toward individual treatment goals. Therapeutic, psychiatric, medical, psychological, and rehabilitative services are part of our
comprehensive program.

Our Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program offers constructive activities, positive role models, and instruction to the youth placed in our facilities. The program also includes the following intertwined components:

• Substance Abuse Counseling and Education
• Social Skills Training and Development
• Anger Management Services
• Independent Living Skills Preparation
• Employment Readiness
• Mentoring support
• Transition/vocational services
• Enrichment activities (team sports music, drama, art, etc.)
• Tutoring
• After-Care Treatment and Bridging Services

It is our belief that when living in an engaged, nurturing community environment, youth experience a sense of belonging where the emphasis is placed on personal responsibility. Youth learn skills that enable them to build and maintain healthy relationships with peers and adults by developing rational and effective ways of dealing with painful, stressful situations. Within this community of peers, all youth learn to encourage each other’s success.

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Mental Health Program

Guiding Light Home for Boys, Inc. Mental Health Program is a county-contracted, outpatient therapeutic program proving treatment services to the youth placed in our residential facilities. We have a deep understanding that youth and their families/significant support networks can face significant emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Exposure to trauma, abandonment, abuse, neglect, violence, environmental stressors, limited access to services/resources, and co-occurring substance issues can impact youth in significant ways and contribute to severe impairments in their daily functioning, contributing to difficulty forming and maintaining supportive relationships, maintaining a stable living environment, and the ability to complete simple tasks and responsibility. It also impacts judgment and decision-making, not allowing youth to develop their strengths and live meaningful lives.

Guiding Light seeks to assist to improve and, when possible, eliminate barriers to overcoming the impairments the youth are experiencing. We provide an array of mental/behavioral health services using the Core Practice Model to provide a well-rounded, collaborative approach to treatment. Mental Health and Residential staff work closely together to develop individualized case plans for each youth in order to meet them where they are and provide a team-based approach to services. We strive to provide a therapeutic environment to foster engagement and support of the youth. We also ensure to include (as allowed) any significant support person in the youth’s life including family, mentors, social workers, probation officers, attorneys, CASA workers, school staff, other providers, and community organizations in the treatment and planning process. Our objective is to establish a supportive network that will continue with the youth even after they have completed and left our program.

Guiding Light’s Mental Health Program provides services that include:

  • Assessment

  • Plan Development

  • Therapy (Individual, Group, and Family)

  • Rehabilitative Skill Building

  • Collateral Services

  • Intensive Care Coordination

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Intensive Home-Based Services

  • Target Case Management

  • After Care/ Bridging Services (post placement)

While we do not directly provide the following additional services, we ensure linkage to the following
community-based programs if needed:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Support Services

  • Psychological Evaluation

  • Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

  • WrapAround Services

  • Intensive Day Treatment/Day Rehabilitation Services

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